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I Love My Mac included in Feature-Length Documentary

“I Love My Mac” the Remix is featured during the end of a newly released feature-length movie called MacHEADS the Movie, a documentary which examines the cult-like following of all things Apple. The film premiered at MacWorld 2009. Check out the MacHeads the Movie on

New Song Release! Rapplistory

Just in time for MacWorld - after working on this song for a long time off and on, I finally finished it, just in time to coincide with Macworld 2008. The song is called "Rapplistory" - it is a combination of the words "rap", Apple" and "history" - the history of Apple told in in song form! I also posted my song at a music site geared to GarageBand users: . Clicking the link will take you to the song's page on macjams where you can leave a comment if you'd like. (Leaving a comment requires membership with macjams - it's quick and doesn't cost anything!)

“I Love My Mac” family grows

The “I Love My Mac” sensation has been picked up by UK artist “No Flies on Pie”. You can check out no less than 3 new versions of the song - a studio mix, a live mix and an “Electro Estate” mix at Also check out where it all began @

New song for hardcore Apple fans

If you thought “I Love My Mac” was the definitive Mac anthem, wait ‘til you hear this one!