Interview with RetroMacCast podcast

Tune into episode 59 to hear my discussion with James about “I Love My Mac” and related topics:

Interview with AppleMacPunk

Tune into epidsode 39 to hear a roundtable discussion between myself and show hosts Kale, Ron and Mike about what I've been up to and about today's digital music marketplace.

Interview with Mac + has been published!

My Interview with the Brazilian mac magazine Mac + has been published.

You can view the magazine's homepage here:

and read the interview text @

Interview with Brazilian Mac mag

Brazil’s only Mac magazine, Mac+, interviewed me. The interview revolved largely around the “I Love My Mac” phenomenon, as well as how I use my Mac to create music. While the interview will be published in Portuguese, I will provide the original material from the interview in English, with a link to the mag.